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Your Borough Of Poole

Councillors support temporary stopping places in Poole

Councillors have voted to support options for two temporary stopping places for unauthorised encampments in Poole.

The decision, made at an extraordinary meeting of Full Council tonight, means the Council can now submit planning applications for two temporary stopping places in the areas of Creekmoor and Oakdale.

The two sites identified through a comprehensive site selection process are at Marshes End (Safety Drive), opposite the new Fire Station in Creekmoor, and land north of B&Q car park in Oakdale.

Subject to approval, planning permission would authorise the use of these sites for a temporary period between Easter and 1 September. This means the sites would be closed for at least six months of the year.

Temporary stopping places provide basic facilities and allow the police to use their powers to move unauthorised encampments to these sites.

Councillor Mike White, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Planning, Borough of Poole, said: "Poole experiences a number of unauthorised encampments each year which do cause public concern. Therefore, we need to effectively manage the situation and meet the needs of both our local communities and the travellers.

"We are finding it increasingly difficult to identify a permanent transit site in Poole and so one or two temporary stopping places in the borough should help manage the situation and provide a suitable site when we require the intervention of the police. Such action will enable us to minimise the impact that unauthorised encampments can have on a community."