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Plans rejected for Temporary Stopping Places in Poole

Councillors have rejected plans to provide two temporary stopping places for unauthorised encampments in Poole.

Members of Borough of Poole's Planning Committee voted to refuse the planning applications submitted by the council's Environmental and Consumer Protection Services at a meeting held on Thursday 20 March.

The two applications sought permission to provide temporary stopping places at sites in Creekmoor and Oakdale. The sites identified through a comprehensive site selection process are at Marshes End (Safety Drive), opposite the new Fire Station in Creekmoor, and land off Broadstone Way, north of the B&Q car park in Oakdale.

The scheme at Creekmoor proposed to provide 12 pitches for travelling families and vehicles and the scheme at Oakdale proposed to provide four pitches.

Councillor Peter Pawlowski, Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee, Borough of Poole, said: "The Planning Committee have made clear decisions that these two sites are unacceptable in Planning terms for use as a temporary stopping place. Given that the Committee were assured a robust assessment had identified these two sites as the most suitable, one would have to assume further applications are unlikely in the medium term."

Without temporary stopping places the council is unable to request the intervention of the police to use their powers to move travellers to these sites. The council will continue to manage unauthorised encampments in Poole, including the use of court proceedings.

The full application for the Creekmoor site (APP/14/00123/F) and for the Oakdale site (APP/14/0171) can be viewed online at boroughofpoole.com/planningapplications.