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Chichester Walk Update

Following a large response to our pre-planning consultation regarding Chichester Walk we wanted to provide some key information we hope you will find useful.

We will be producing a summary response of all the feedback received which we hope to publish by the end of May but we hope information on this page will address some of the questions residents have.

The entire piece of land at Chichester Walk was transferred to Borough of Poole by Dorset County Council in 1998, as a consequence of Local Government Reorganisation. Dorset County Council purchased the land in 1970 from Comben Wakeling Limited and a copy of the 1970 contract can be found on the right of this page. Shortly afterwards the majority of the site was designated as urban greenspace within the Poole Local Plan which was adopted in August 1998.

The north-east corner of the site, which is 0.33 hectares/0.82 acres in size, was not designated at the time as it was still in use for the youth club and nursery until the replacement was built in 2011. A plan of the site can be found on the right of this page.

Following the demolition of the youth club building and the construction of the new Merley (Down in the Woods) nursery building, the land at the north eastern corner of the site was no longer required for youth and early years provision. 

When the asset, the Youth Club, was vacated, it was categorised under the  'CIPFA' (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) Code of classifications as “surplus”. This is an administrative function for valuation and accounting purposes only and would not require public consultation. There are strict definitions and criteria to consider when classifying assets and this would preclude this particular asset being classified as a Community Asset.

All the land not designated as Urban Greenspace (L2 in the Local Plan adopted by the Core Strategy) is being considered for future development irrespective of its CIPFA categorisation. Asset plans are used for identification of assets and to further identify the boundaries of land and buildings in occupation, therefore any proposed development is not confined to the assets or areas previously occupied.

The Core Strategy is planning policy and was adopted after several rounds of consultation, including a full public consideration of the planning designation of land within Borough of Poole. The land proposed for development is “undesignated” within the Core Strategy but is still subject to the principles of the Core Strategy.

The Nursery was constructed on land designated as Urban Greenspace and planning policy dictated the mitigation of the loss of this space through reprovision of alternative green space which was dealt with as part of the planning process at the time.  Documents relating to the application can be viewed on our planning pages.

The council’s Corporate Property and Asset Management Strategy has made a commitment to continually review council owned land and buildings to determine how they can best be used support the council’s priorities. Provision of affordable housing is a key priority and the Affordable Housing Delivery Group continually searches for assets that could contribute to meeting this commitment. This site is one of several that is being pursued for this purpose.

In considering the transfer of this land to a partner social housing provider (Registered Provider or RP) the council will be taking steps to meet an existing commitment to make land available for the provision of at least 100 affordable homes on its own land in accordance with the Full Council decision in April 2012.

The area that has been identified for proposed development is land that does not fall within the area designated as Urban Greenspace within the Poole Local Plan.

*UPDATE* The feedback given by residents to Raglan Housing that was passed to Borough of Poole, Raglan Housing and Trinity Architecture is now available in the Downloads section. Please note that this document does not contain any information on the next steps in this process, as these will not be known until after the full Council meeting on 24 June.

If you have any further queries please email housingdevelopment@poole.gov.uk and we will look to address these as part of our summary response.

Last updated 14/5/14 1.30pm