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European Election Results 2014

The 2014 European Election results for the South West region have been declared.

Regional Returning Officer Paul Morris, from Borough of Poole, co-ordinated the regional count and declared the final result at the Civic Centre in Poole.

The number of votes cast for each party was:

An Independence From Europe - 23,169
British National Party - 10,910
Conservative Party - 433,151
English Democrats Party - 15,081
Green Party - 166,447
Labour Party - 206,124
Liberal Democrats - 160,376
United Kingdom Independence Party - 484,184

The six elected Members of the European Parliament are:

1 - William Dartmouth, United Kingdom Independence Party
2 - Ashley Peter Fox, Conservative Party
3 - Julia Reid, United Kingdom Independence Party
4 - Julia McCulloch Girling, Conservative Party
5 - Claire Miranda Moody, Labour Party
6 - Molly Scott Cato, Green Party

The overall turnout for the South West region was 37.03 per cent compared to 38.87 per cent in 2009.

View more information on our European Elections webpage.