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Poole's Adult Social Care Team Working Well

A recent Peer Review into Borough of Poole's safeguarding of adults has found that services are good quality.

Protecting and safeguarding adults at risk from harm or abuse is one of the most important tasks undertaken by Borough of Poole's Adult Social Care Team.

Abuse takes many forms including: physical, emotional, sexual, financial, institutional or through neglect. The people most likely to become a victim are older, frail people, people with a physical or learning disability and those who have mental ill health.

Adult Social Care staff work with the Police, the Care Quality Commission, the NHS and providers of care to prevent harm happening. However, when abuse is suspected, Adult Social Care staff take the lead in co-ordinating investigations into the incident.

The Peer Review was carried out by external experts from other local authorities and the Local Government Association. Borough of Poole's safeguarding arrangements for adults were reviewed and found to be of good quality and well managed.

The report produced by the review team said that that there is 'passion and ambition to improve outcomes for vulnerable adult’s right throughout the council and across the range of partners'.

The Safeguarding Adults Board, which holds the council, NHS and other local organisations to account for the way they protect vulnerable people was thought to have 'served Poole well and ensures there are effective systems in place to oversee the system of safeguarding'.

There was also praise for the way in which members across the council were engaged with the work of the Adult Social Care Team.

Cllr Karen Rampton, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Health and Social Care, Borough of Poole, said: "I am delighted that this independent review has found that the council does well at protecting our most vulnerable residents and that we work effectively with partners, including the NHS, to do this. This is an area in which it is vital we continue to improve and we will be working to implement the recommendations of the Peer Review. It is really positive that the report recognised how involved members are in the role of Adult Social Care."

Jane Ashman, Chair of the Bournemouth and Poole Safeguarding Adults Board, said: "I am pleased that this independent report has recognised the value of bringing together local leaders from the NHS, local authorities, police and elsewhere. We are able to hold local health and social care service to account for their safeguarding work and to ensure that vulnerable people are protected from harm."

The council is now working closely with partners to develop areas highlighted in the report. These include further developing the support we give to carers, looking at how we can become involved earlier when someone is at risk of harm, developing new ways for people to give us their views about how safeguarding has affected them and training our staff to become more expert at working with matters of financial abuse.

Read the report in full.