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Get composting and reap the rewards!

International Compost Awareness Week takes place from 4-10 May and Poole residents are encouraged to get composting with a fantastic offer in partnership with getcomposting.com.

Home composting is a great way to reduce the amount of organic kitchen waste that goes into household bins. It is also a cheaper alternative to chargeable garden waste collections and has the added benefit of producing a free supply of top quality compost that will not only improve the quality of home grown fruit and vegetables but also increase their yield.

Poole residents can benefit from a buy one get one half price offer on select compost bins from www.getcomposting.com . The two most popular bins, 220 litre and 330 litre converter, are discounted already and retail at £6 and £8 respectively plus £5.99 home delivery charge. This represents a saving of £12 for the 220 litre and £15 for the 330 litre compost bins. The buy one get one half price offer applies to both bins.

Shaun Robson, Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection Services, Borough of Poole, said: “More than 30% of the average household waste can be composted and although many households already compost at home, we want others to get involved. This is a great incentive to encourage more residents to get composting and set up their own composting communities sharing the rewards. Home composting organic waste also helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions and can also be used as an effective and sustainable waste management method to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.”

For the full range of compost bins and accessories or to order, visit www.getcomposting.com, or call 0844 5714444. The offer is available for Poole residents until 31 March 2016.

Find out more about composting at www.poole.gov.uk/compost.



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