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Hundreds of local people form 125 in Poole Park

Poole’s much-loved Victorian park celebrated its 125th anniversary in style with a special commemorative display by local people.

As part of the anniversary fun-day on 2 August, hundreds of local people got together to form the numbers 125, marking the number of years since the park was officially opened in 1890. As people got into position a drone flew overhead to capture the special occasion on film.

The Mayor of Poole, Councillor Ann Stribley, who took part in the display said: “There were many highlights from the anniversary celebrations, but taking part in this display was particularly memorable. It was just thrilling to see so many people taking part and when everyone spontaneously sang Happy Birthday Poole Park, it was quite touching.”

Councillor John Rampton, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Parks and Open Spaces, Borough of Poole, said: “Reaching 125 years is a significant milestone in the park’s history and it was great to see the local community get behind this historic occasion. I would like to thank everyone who joined in the 125 display, as it's such a fitting tribute to Poole’s ‘People’s Park.’

Michael Collins, Vice-Chairman, Friends of Poole Park, said: "The Friends of Poole Park can be nothing other than delighted to see so many enjoy a wonderful day in the park. We have great plans for some really innovative and fun days in 2016, and beyond, and would welcome the input from those who would like to volunteer their time and join us in helping even more people enjoy an even better time in our wonderful open spaces."
Local people can download the aerial photo, free of charge, from either Borough of Poole or Poole Projects Facebook pages.