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Your Borough Of Poole

Work to replace 17,500 street lights in Poole has started

A major project to replace approximately 17,500 street lights throughout Poole has started. 

Over the next three years the majority of the street lights in the borough will be replaced with energy efficient LED lighting. This £9 million project will involve the replacement of 8,500 lanterns on existing lamp posts by March 2016 and a further 9,000 complete lamp posts which are over 40 years old within the following two years. 

Virtually every road in Poole will be affected by these works at some point over the next few years. Once each road is completed the residents will benefit from better quality ‘white’ light which closely resembles daylight. The new lights will stay switched on throughout the night but will be dimmed, where appropriate, during hours when use of the highway is reduced. 

Lighting within selected Conservation Areas, including the listed lamp posts in the Old Town, will remain unaffected by the initial programme but may be considered for upgrade in future where possible. 

John Rice, Engineering Manager, Borough of Poole, said: “This is a huge investment in Poole’s infrastructure. It has the potential to save approximately 70 per cent on our street lighting energy consumption in addition to annual savings on maintenance costs."

Cllr Ian Potter, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said: “Two-thirds of the street lighting infrastructure in Poole is currently aged beyond its design life of 25 years so we are really pleased that this significant project has now started.” 

A rolling-programme showing the roads that will be affected over the next few months is available on the council's website www.poole.gov.uk/LEDstreetlighting