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Your Borough Of Poole

Report rough sleepers in Poole this winter

With the recent cold weather set to continue, Borough of Poole is urging anyone concerned about people sleeping rough to contact the national initiative Streetlink. 

It is always a concern to see people sleeping rough, especially in harsh winter conditions. Contacting Streetlink on 0300 5000 914 ensures that the council can offer their services to people who might need them. 

As well as the Streetlink hotline number, people can also download the smartphone app or use the ‘Report It’ function on poole.gov.uk to report their concerns. 

Anyone can become homeless, and sleeping rough can be dangerous and damaging to health. The longer someone sleeps rough, the greater the risk that they will become trapped on the streets and vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime, developing drug or alcohol problems, or experiencing problems with their health.

The Bournemouth and Poole Rough Sleepers Team is managed by CRI on behalf of both local authorities. The team works with all people sleeping rough in Poole to access appropriate support, make positive lifestyle changes and leave the street. They also provide assertive street outreach six days a week and deliver a daycentre in Poole each weekday. Service delivery is designed to assist all rough sleeping individuals to access secure accommodation and lead safer and healthier lives.


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