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Your Borough Of Poole

Council 'champions' appointed

Eight councillors have been named 'Council Champions' for seven key issues affecting the lives of many people in Poole.  

The councillors will champion important causes such as equalities, mental health, dementia, learning disabilities and domestic violence.

A Carers Champion and a Champion for European Maritime Day, which will be staged in Poole in 2017, have also been appointed.  

The Council Champions are:
As Champions, each councillor will act as an advocate or spokesperson for their specific area of the Council’s business. The main responsibility for each Champion is to encourage communication and positive action on the issue they represent.

The roles carry no formal decision-making powers but each Champion will be expected to prepare an annual report setting out the actions taken during the previous year and how those actions contributed to the Council's priorities. 

Cllr Janet Walton, Leader of the Council, Borough of Poole, said: "These seven issues are vitally important to the Council and affect many people living in our communities. The Champions will not only promote these issues but act as a catalyst for change and improvement in the way the Council delivers local services.   

"I welcome all the Champions to their new roles and I am sure their talent, experience and enormous enthusiasm will deliver great benefits to the Council and the wider community."