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Poole shortlisted for car clubs fund

Borough of Poole has been shortlisted for a share of £115,000 from the ‘Developing Car Clubs in England’ fund .

Car clubs give people the benefits of a car or van without having to own one. Non-car owners have access to a car when they need it plus many car owning families in car clubs nationally have found they have been able to give up the second family car at their home. They are used by businesses, particularly when they need to cover a peak in work loads.

The focus of Borough of Poole's car club will predominantly be electric cars and vans, meaning zero emissions and helping with Poole's commitment to reduce the town's carbon footprint. All vehicles based at the Civic Centre will be powered by Solar Electricity generated by the solar panels recently installed on the roof of the carpark.

The council's proposal includes having three car club vehicles based at the Civic Centre, with the option to explore vehicles at Upton House and Commercial Road. Outside working hours these vehicles will be available for Poole residents to use. As community membership of the car club grows, the car club will make vehicles available to car club members throughout the day.

Staff will be able to book the cars online and will be provided with a smartcard to access the vehicle, meaning no keys are required. The smartcard will also give access to EV chargers and business travel on local buses.

Cllr Ian Potter, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said: "I'm pleased that our proposals have been shortlisted for a share of this important funding.

"Reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging staff to use other means of transport than their own cars are key priorities for the council. The introduction of a car club centred around non-polluting electric vehicles provides a great opportunity for us to do that.

"By promoting the use of public transport or electric vehicles to our staff we are leading by example and by making the car club vehicles available for use by the wider community outside of office hours, we will be helping Poole's residents to think green."

The full bid will be submitted in August with a final decision on successful bids being made on 6 September.


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