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Your Borough Of Poole

Bus passenger numbers in Poole on the increase

Poole buses carried over 10.2 million passengers in 12 months in 2014/15 - an increase of more than 400,000 journeys.

Figures show that the number of passenger journeys in Poole has almost doubled since 2004/05.

Bus services have become the popular choice of transport following investment by the bus operators in modern low-floor buses and improved timetables making bus use more convenient.

Borough of Poole has played its part by improving bus shelters, providing raised kerbs at bus stops to improve accessibility for passengers and supporting the provision of bus information through the real time information system at stops, via mobile phones and the internet.

Around 30 percent of the journeys were undertaken by holders of English National Concessionary Travel bus passes, a slight reduction compared with last year.

Poole and Bournemouth were highlighted in last year’s Department for Transport Annual Bus Statistics as having the biggest increase in journeys in the country since 2004/05. It is expected that this will again be the case when the updated figures are published later this year.

Councillor Ian Potter, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said: "We work in partnership with bus operators and neighbouring authorities to make bus travel easier and convenient for more people. The significant investment made by the bus operators and council in recent years has provided real benefit to bus passengers and buses are becoming an increasingly attractive form of transport in the area. We now have over 90% more people travelling on buses in Poole than 10 years ago.”