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Help ensure those with dementia get Home Safely

Local councils and public services across Dorset are calling on residents to support their ‘Home Safely’ Aviva Community Fund bid.
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The bid, submitted by Colemans Insurance, and supported by local charity Pramacare, seeks to get money to buy Home Safely bracelets, a new project running across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset. 

The bracelets are for people who have dementia.  If the person is at risk of wandering, and may forget where they live, or even their name, their carer can contact the local community alarm and register the name of the person, where they live and their carers’ details.  They will then be given a leather bracelet to wear with a metal plaque that will be engraved with a community alarm phone number, and a unique pin number that will enable their carer to be contacted.  The Police, local hospitals and ambulance service have been made aware of the bracelets as lost people often end up with one of them.  Each bracelet will cost £20- £25 and the plan is for them to be recycled.

The scheme will enable people with dementia wishing to retain their independence and ability to engage with community life, to continue to do so knowing that a contingency plan is in place should they become lost or confused when in the community.

Jan Thurgood, Strategic Director – People Theme, Borough of Poole, on behalf of all three authorities, said: “With the number of people experiencing dementia increasing each year schemes like this are key to helping them retain their independence. A Home Safely bracelet provides peace of mind to their carer knowing that should they get lost their contact details are registered. We are pleased to show our support for this scheme and hope residents across Dorset will go online and make use of their votes to help us secure the vital funding needed to make this project a success.”

The funding bid was submitted by Colemans and has been approved by Aviva Community Fund. However, now the bid needs the support of the local community to help ensure its success. Voting closes online on 31 May. You can register online and once registered you can vote up to ten times.

Peter Moody, Director, Colemans Insurance, said: “Knowing how best to care for someone with dementia can be overwhelming.  The Home Safely bracelets offer precious independence for those with dementia and peace of mind for their loved ones and carers.”

It is believed that the project will lessen the demand on Dorset Police who currently deal with reported incidents and also reduce the number of avoidable admissions to hospital through the ability to swiftly identify the family of a person that has been found confused in the community.

It is thought there are 800,000 to 1,000,000 people with dementia in the UK which increases annually. In Dorset the numbers are very high because of the ageing and retired community.

Every vote received is crucial so please take the time to find out more and cast your vote.


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