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Your Borough Of Poole

Could you foster for Poole?

More foster carers are needed in Poole to provide a safe and loving environment for children and young people in the area.

The Council's Fostering team work with local residents to provide foster placements for children ranging from the very young to those in their teens.

Over 90 foster carers, including couples, same sex couples and single people, are already fostering in the area, but more are needed as some retire or move out of the area.

Cllr Mike White, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Children, Families and Capital Projects, Borough of Poole said: “There is a constant need for foster carers in the area and while we have a large group of existing and committed foster carers, we need more people to come forward to ensure we can cater for the demand. Fostering is a vital service not just for the Borough but more importantly for the children, who need carers to provide vital support and care at what is a critical time in their young lives.”

Children placed with foster carers may require short or long term care and each and every child is different in their demands and needs.

Kevin Jones, Head of Children and Young People’s Social Care, Borough of Poole, said: “There are many misconceptions out there about fostering, but what we are looking for is people who want to make a difference to a child or young person in need. Whether single or with a partner, any gender or sexual orientation, married, with or without children, we want to hear from people who can provide this vital role.

"We provide support and advice from the start. We are always there for a foster carer, each step of the way. We also ensure that any children considered for fostering are placed with carers who can meet their needs.

"We need a broad range of foster carers to ensure we have the right placement for each and every child.”

The Fostering team provides advice, information and support throughout the recruitment and placement process. They are on hand to speak to anyone who might want more information, or who are already committed to becoming a foster carer and want to apply.

Alex and Louise Wilson have been foster carers for the borough for over seven years: “We had discussed fostering for some time and already had our own children but really wanted to provide other children, whose own families were not able to care for them, with the chance of a safe, happy and loving home.”

“We contacted the fostering team at Poole who were very helpful and explained all the different roles we could help with as foster carers, from providing day care and respite right up to offering long term placements. They also talked through the process of becoming foster carers.”

“As foster carers for the borough we have looked after many children, some for just a day whilst others for many years. We have found that each child is different and you need to accept them as they are with their different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and needs. We have found fostering, as part of the team at the Borough, to be a very rewarding experience and are looking forward to welcoming many more children into our home in the years to come.”

Borough of Poole’s Fostering team is also keen to hear from potential carers in full or part time employment. 

“There’s often a misconception that having a job is a barrier to being considered as a foster Carer. In fact, we work with and support many carers in employment. It’s much more about the ability and commitment of the person to care for a child in foster care than anything else,” said Kevin Jones. 

The campaign aims to recruit 25 new foster carers! Find out more on the Poole Fostering website, email fostering@poole.gov.uk or telephone: 01202 714711.


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