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Results announced for Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The results for the Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan Referendum have been declared. 

Regional Counting Officer Paul Morris, from Borough of Poole, co-ordinated the count and declared the final result at the Civic Centre in Poole.

The number of votes cast was 737, representing an overall turnout of 11.5%. 

Results of Referendum on Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan

Voters were asked to decide on the question ‘Do you want the Borough of Poole to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Poole Quays Forum to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?' The votes were: 

Yes      675 (91.83%)
No         60 (8.17%) 

A total of 296 postal votes were received. The total number of ballot papers rejected was 2. 

Neighbourhood Plans give local people the power to shape the area where they live or work and, if adopted, will form part of the statutory development plan for the area. This means it will need to be taken into account when considering planning applications. 

The Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led plan and aims to guide development, regeneration and conservation in parts of Poole Town and Lower Hamworthy in the future. 

The Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan will now go to Council to consider formally adopting the Plan.