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Twin Sails Bridge planned maintenance

Planned maintenance is being carried out on Poole’s Twin Sails Bridge from Monday 27 March for up to five days. 

During this time the bridge will remain open to all road users with two-way traffic continuing as normal. The cycle lanes on both sides of the bridge will be closed for the majority of the week with cyclists temporarily joining the main roadway. 

The Twin Sails Bridge will continue to lift on the current lifting schedule with two exceptions: 

•   The last scheduled lift on Tuesday 28 March will take place at 8.30pm and the first lift on Wednesday 29 March will be at 6.30am 

•   The last scheduled lift on Wednesday 29 March will take place at 8.30pm and the first lift on Thursday 30 March will be at 6.30am 

Additional test lifts may be required but these will be outside of peak hours and only when necessary to minimise disruption to road users. 

The works to be undertaken include: 

•   servicing the hydraulic systems 

•   software and control system checks and adjustments 

•   replacement of missing and failed LED road studs 

•   replacement of failed lamps to restore lighting to full operation 

•   checking passive interlocks which are located on the ends of the leaves below road level 

•   general checks and lubrication tasks 

John Rice, Engineering Manager, Borough of Poole, said: "It is important that we keep our lifting bridges operating efficiently and reliably in the long term and this means carrying out planned maintenance. The work has been programmed to minimise the disruption to road users especially while major improvement works are being carried out at Poole Bridge. We are sorry for any inconvenience this work may cause."