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Choosing A Builder

If you are considering any work on your property and you require a builder you should consider this choice very carefully. As this is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make, you should thoroughly check any builder before employing their services.

Here are some of the things you should consider doing:

  • For large projects consider employing a professional to advise you.
  • Discuss the extent of your proposals with your professional advisor. Does it involve the preparation of plans only, or is site supervision part of your requirements?
  • If you consider your job so small that you do not wish to obtain the advice of a professional, get some advice from someone in the industry who you know and trust.
  • Always obtain quotations (at least three) and have them checked. Ensure the quotations all relate to the same work. Not all estimates will include such things as electric points, etc.
  • Do not automatically go for the cheapest quote.
  • Ask questions of the builder:
  • Where have they worked before?
  • Are they happy for you to see their work?
  • What is their expertise in the particular project that you intend to carry out?
  • How do they wish to be paid: on completion or in stages?
  • Can they supply references from satisfied clients?
  • Are they happy to accept a retention clause?
  • Will they give you a final completion date?
  • Will they accept a penalty clause on failure to complete in time?
  • Will they agree to independent arbitration should you have any dispute?

A website approved by Trading Standards provides a search facility for finding tradesmen in your area. The website is provided for information only and the Borough of Poole cannot accept any responsibility for the content.


Finally, reassure yourself by checking out the builder's work, references and other aspects, like work habits, with their previous clients.

Ask questions first, don't wait until it's too late!

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