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If I make a Building Notice application, will the District Building Surveyor tell me how to carry out the work during his first visit?

No - while we are always willing to offer help and advice you should not expect to use us as a substitute for an architect or designer.

If you are not confident that you (or your builder) are fully conversant with the requirements of the regulations, then we would strongly advise you do not use a Building Notice application.


When the District Building Surveyor visits the site he talks to the builder but not me - why?

We are not being disrespectful, but the majority of our clients do prefer us to deal directly with the builder.

We always welcome involvement of the owner in these discussions so if you wish to be involved, please make your wishes known to us during the first visit. Unless confidential matters are involved we must request that you join the builder for the discussion so that everyone is party to the same conversation. If you do wish to have a confidential discussion with the District Building Surveyor at any stage, please ask (or make a separate arrangement by phone) and we will be happy to oblige.

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