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Planning Enforcement Evidence



During normal office hours, a dedicated enforcement team monitors and investigates alleged contraventions of planning control including tree works. If you suspect any individual(s) of an alleged breach of planning control, please contact the Planning Enforcement Team (tel. 01202 633321) as soon as possible.

Outside normal office hours, please contact the "Out of Hours" Enforcement officer (tel. 0800 506050) to report alleged contraventions. You should provide details of:

(i) Date and time of the alleged contravention

(ii) The location of the alleged contravention

(iii) Any vehicle registration numbers parked on or near to the site, including details of contractor's name or phone number marked on the vehicles

(iv) Give a brief description of the alleged contravention, including a sketch to illustrate position of trees which appear to have been damaged

(v) Take any photographs which provide support to your observations

Please ensure that your information is written down by the person who actually witnessed the action or gathered it at the time of the alleged breach or as soon as practically possible thereafter. In addition, please provide your name and contact details. Personal information will be kept strictly confidential unless or until such time as it becomes legally disclosable as part of formal legal action.

Do not at any time or under any circumstances go onto property which is either not owned by you, or is not easily accessible public property, without the consent of the owner or place yourself or anyone at risk of personal violence or injury. Furthermore do not enter on site or put yourself or anyone else at risk of injury from proximity to vehicles, demolition or other site works. As a witness to an alleged breach, the Local Planning Authority will request you complete a witness statement under section 9 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 which may be used to support, the prosecution of any person who the Council considers may have committed an offence under the Town and Country Planning Act (1990). Please take notice that should you submit a witness statement and/ or any information regarding an alleged breach of planning control, you may be called to appear as a witness at court. As a witness you will be required to give evidence under oath and may be subject to cross examination.

The Local Planning Authority appreciates the assistance of local residents in supporting its planning enforcement activity protecting the environment but any action taken by residents is voluntary and taken at the persons own volition and the Local Planning Authority accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage to property or any other costs or damages or personal injury howsoever caused incurred by a resident as a direct or indirect result of any act or omission carried out by a resident in this area of activity.


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