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Do I Need Planning Permission?

This depends on what you want to do. Some minor alterations and extensions, particularly to houses, can often be carried out without the need for planning permission. This is known as 'permitted development'.

It often depends also on whether your house has been extended in the past. Even if you now only want to put a conservatory on the back of your house, if you have previously had an extension, chances are you will need planning permission for the conservatory.

Even if you have had no previous extensions, here are some examples of the type of extensions that in most cases need planning permission, to give you an idea:

    • a dormer window in the roof of your house facing the road;
    • a two storey extension;
    • an extension to the front of your house, or to the side if it faces a road.

Whether you need planning permission to alter or extend your house depends on the size and position of what you want to do. You may need to know the volume of your proposed extension or an existing extension.

The Planning Portal have provided an interactive house guide containing information to householders on Planning and Building regulations for common household developments.

Most alterations to business premises do need planning permission, including:

  • all shop and office extensions;

  • alterations to shop fronts;
  • external security shutters or grilles.

You may need planning permission to change the use of your property, for example from a shop to an office or from a house to bedsits.

To download the appropriate application form, please visit our or planning application Form Page


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