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Self Build Register

The Right to Build

In March 2015, the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act, introduced the first part of the government’s Right to Build programme. The act places a requirement on local authorities to establish a local register of individuals and groups who wish to acquire serviced plots of land to bring forward self-build and custom housebuilding projects.

Self and custom build homes

Self-build or custom-build homes can provide a more affordable route to home ownership and the opportunity to own a bespoke and sustainably designed, high quality home.

The term self-build can cover a range of project types ranging from the traditional ‘DIY self-build’ home where an individual is directly responsible for the design and construction of their own home, to custom built housing where a self-builder arranges for an architect/contractor or specialist developer to build their home for them.

Registering your interest

We have created a register for individuals or groups wishing to design and build their own homes to record their interest. The register will be used to identify the demand for self-build plots, so that consideration of required resources for this form of housebuilding can be made through the local plan process. 

By signing up you will be recording your interest in purchasing a site, at market value, within the borough. Please note that, depending on the level of demand, preference may/will be given to local residents or people with a local connection. There is no guarantee that a plot meeting your specifications will be provided, or within a given timescale. If a site meeting your requirements becomes available, we will contact you with the details.

Please complete the online Self Build Register form to apply or alternatively complete a word version of the form (available from the downloads column) and submit it to the contact details provided at the right of this page.

Further useful information

Further information about self-build and the options available can be accessed via the Self Build Portal or the National Custom & Self Build Association. Alternatively, the Self Build Guide provides a helpful online resource for prospective self-builders.

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