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Tree Emergencies

What is an emergency?

Trees are dynamic, living organisms and will occasionally shed branches and debris without warning.  In many cases this does not constitute an emergency and will be identified as part of the normal inspection programme that occurs on our greenspaces. 

Although we aim to regularly inspect Trees owned by the council to identify where preventative work is required, occasionally unpredictable tree emergencies can occur as a result of storms or other severe weather events.

If you notice any of the following please contact us by telephone so we can arrange to assess the situation and make the tree safe. An accurate description of the location and problem is vital. 

For example:

  • damaged branches hanging from the tree

  • branches or trees blocking a road/footpath

  • fresh cracks on a tree’s stem or large branch

  • substantial root plate movement – soil movement around the base of the tree 

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Storm events

Storm events result in a rise in the volume of calls we receive and although we increase the resources available at these times, we will also prioritise our response based on the location of the incident and the risk presented. Therefore the council’s programme of tree works may be delayed by up to 6 weeks following a storm event.

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Non – Council owned trees

The council also has a role in keeping roads and pavements clear and safe. On occasion the identification of a dangerous private tree will either result in our contractor undertaking remediation work or, if the situation allows, the landowner will be contacted and asked to make the tree safe.

Tree protection regulations allow for work to be undertaken to Dead and Dangerous Trees which are protected.

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Contact us

01202 261700

Out of hours emergency number: 
0800 506050