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Tree preservation orders

Many trees in Poole are protected by a preservation order and/or conservation area. These are trees of high amenity value or have significant impact on the environment and have been identified by us and protected by an order.

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The Tree Preservation data shown, whilst based upon the registers, is not the legal document and is supplied for information purposes only.

TPOs are available for viewing by visiting the Planning Reception at the Civic Centre Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5pm, and Fridays 9am to 4.30pm.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the data, which is supplied in good faith, we will not accept any liability sustained as a result of reliance thereon.

Please be aware as well as Tree Preservation Orders and conservation areas, trees can also be protected by planning conditions.

View TPOs on a map

You can use the map below to find the TPO number.

Trees in conservation areas are protected if the diameter of their stem is above 75mm.

You can view conservation areas on a map to find out if a tree is protected.

Please note the map may take a few seconds to fully load.

TPO test

GRO = Group

Protects individually identified trees within a group.

AREA = Area

Protects all trees within the defined area that were present when the TPO was made.

WOOD = Woodland

Protects all trees regardless of the age of the tree or TPO (including seedlings).

IND = Individual

Protects individual trees only.