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Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

From 1 October 2014, tax discs will no longer be issued but vehicles will still need to be taxed. More information on these changes can be found on the DVLA's website.

Reporting Abandoned Vehicles

Before we can investigate you will need to check if the car is taxed. If it is taxed it is legally on the road. To check a vehicle complete a DVLA vehicle enquiry.

If you know the vehicle is untaxed and that it is being used, or there is an owner, you can report untaxed vehicles anonymously. 

Untaxed vehicles are dealt with by the 
DVLA as it is an offence to drive or park an untaxed vehicle on the public road.

If any of the following criteria also apply to the untaxed vehicle you can contact us;

  • vehicle burnt out
  • vehicle contains waste
  • the vehicle is vandalised or damaged.

You will need to tell us;

  • the vehicle registration
  • where the vehicle is located

  • how long the vehicle has been there.

Report an abandoned vehicle online or call 01202 261700.

Taxed Vehicles

If the vehicle is taxed, it is legally on the road, and we will not investigate. 

To check whether a vehicle is taxed complete a DVLA vehicle enquiry.

If the vehicle is taxed but does not appear to be in use, you can contact Dorset Police

If the vehicle is not abandoned and you are having problems with people parking on private land, you should either:

  • contact the land owner

  • if you are the landowner you should seek legal advice.

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MOT Certificate

Analysis of previous reports shows that vehicles having an MOT certificate are not abandoned, whether or not they are taxed.

Therefore we will only investigate if both the vehicle tax and MOT certificate have expired by over a month.

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What happens once I've reported a potential abandoned vehicle?

The council will investigate whether the vehicle has been abandoned and one of the following decisions will be taken: 

  • if the vehicle has been abandoned on a road or Public Land, including private roads and estates, the council will remove the vehicle

  • if the vehicle is on private land, the council will serve a 15 day notice of removal on the owner/occupier of the land (if contact has not already been made with them)

  • if the vehicle does not appear to be abandoned the council will inform the relevant agency (e.g. the DVLA if the vehicle is untaxed), or no further action will be taken

  • if the vehicle is of no value, the council can dispose of it immediately, but if it's considered to be of some value, the council will send a written notice of destruction to the registered keeper detailing the charges to be paid on release of the vehicle

  • if the vehicle is unclaimed within seven days of issue of the notice, the council can dispose of it.

The council will also work with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to trace registered keepers and aims to recover its costs from people who have abandoned a vehicle.

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Common Questions

Do you have my car as it is not where I left it?

It is possible that your car may have been removed by the Borough of Poole. Please contact the council on 01202 261700 with details of your registration number and where the car was parked.

If your vehicle was untaxed then the DVLA may have removed it if it was parked on the highway, public land (e.g. council car park, or a private car park which is open to the public like a supermarket or pub).

If the council or the DVLA have not removed your car then it may have been stolen, therefore please contact the Police using Do It Online.

My car has a Borough of Poole Abandoned Vehicle 'Warning Notice' on it what do I do?

Please contact the council as soon as possible on 01202 261700 with details of your registration number and where the car is parked.

My car has been removed by the Borough of Poole, what do I do?

If the council has removed your vehicle please contact 01202 261700 with details of your registration number and where your car was parked. An officer will arrange a release form for you, on payment of the release fee.

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Other Useful Information 

You can report commercial vehicles that maybe operating illegally, or that have very smoky exhausts anonymously via the gov.uk website.

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