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ChargerNet is the name for a new network of Electric Vehicle (EV) Rapid Charging Points in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole.

Our network of 17 rapid chargers is now up and running.

The rapid chargers feature Chademo and CCS DC connectors plus 7 pin Menekes AC connectors and this means most EV drivers will be able to top up their vehicles in around 30 minutes.

Our Project is called Dorset To and Through. The Through EV chargers are located on or near the strategic road network, to help you make longer journeys and plug the current gaps in the EV charger network East to West between Southampton & Exeter and North to South between Yeovil & the coast. Once you get to our area you have access to a network of rapid chargers in the towns along the coast and in Dorset's Market Towns

It costs just £4 to use one of our rapid chargers for up to an hour – enough time to charge your car to at least 80% capacity. The chargers operate on the Charge Your Car Network (CYC). You can join CYC and use the CYC membership card to start your charging session, use the CYC smartphone App or use their Pay as You Go phone Service.

All our chargers are shown on the CYC Charger map, the Zapmap website and the National Chargepoint registry.

You can find ChargerNet Rapid Chargers in these towns:

Bournemouth Christchurch Rd, BH1 3LT Near Bournemouth University

Bournemouth Maderia Road Multi Storey Car Park,
BH1 1QQ    
On the first floor

Bournemouth Richmond Gardens Car Park, BH1 1JD On level 3 - the ground floor

Bournemouth, Boscombe Hawkwood Road Car Park, BH5 1BY

Adjacent to Library
Bournemouth, Kinson Pound Lane Car Park, BH10 7LN

Access via Millhams
Bournemouth, Westbourne Poole Rd, BH12 1AZ

Access via Seamoor Rd
Bridport East Street Short Stay Car Park, DT6 3LL

Christchurch Saxon Square Car Park, BH23 1QA

Dorchester Trinity Street Car Park, DT1 1TU

Lyme Regis Charmouth Road Car Park, DT7 3DR

Poole Ashley Road, BH14 9BZ

Poole Civic Centre Surface Car Park, BH15 2RU

Poole Fern Barrow, Bournemouth University, Talbot  Campus, BH12 5BB

Visitors Car Park
Poole Old Orchard, BH15 1SD



Seldown Lane, BH15 1UA

At the side of "The Lighthouse"


Harbourside Car Park, DT4 8NA


 Allenview car park, BH21 1AU
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Contact us

If you have operational enquiries please contact Charge Your Car

01912 650 500


If you want more information about the ChargerNet project please contact transportationhelpdesk@

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