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Driver Training

Getting out and about in the car is an important part of being independent but there may be times when you don't feel confident.  Courses are available to help you become more assertive again by refreshing and upgrading your skills and knowledge of the highway code.  

Dorset Driver Gold

The Dorset Driver Gold programme is designed for drivers aged 65+ years. The courses are popular so booking in advance is crucial. The sessions are arranged and booked through the SafeWise charity, Kinson. Fees apply, discounts available.

The courses are run by Approved Driving Instructors who have a good understanding of the needs of mature and experienced drivers.  The programme has two parts; a group session and an individual session.

Group sessions are designed for up to 20 people and last around 3 hours. They cover driver safety such as: 

  • Keeping your distance
  • New driving techniques
  • Changes in the law and the Highway Code
  • Keeping fit to drive
  • Alternatives to driving
  • Why things can go wrong
  • Observations and distractions
  • Health and vehicle checks
  • Vehicle improvements
  • New driving techniques
  • Changes to road design
  • Negotiating roundabouts
  • Dual carriageways and motorways
  • Rules of the road

Individual sessions are informal one-to-one sessions, using the driver’s own taxed, insured and MOT'd car.  They last up to 90 minutes.  You must be able to show your current driving licence and read a new style number plate at 20 metres.  The aim is to enhance your current skills. The instructor looks at the way you drive and makes suggestions to help you drive more safely for longer.

Life Drive

Life Drive is a free driver experience course available for 17-25 year olds who have passed their driving test in the last four years.  The course aims to give newly qualified drivers more confidence, knowledge and experience needed to help avoid accidents.  You'll also receive a £50 Amazon voucher if you complete the course!

Courses are arranged and booked through the SafeWise charity, Kinson, and are run by Approved Driving Instructors.  There is a 90 minute practical driving session followed by a classroom-based session.  You can then choose to go on a further Driver Awareness Scheme course if you feel this would give you extra support.


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