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Parking Permits and Costs - New Online Permits System

A new system offering permit holders the opportunity to purchase and manage their parking permits online has been implemented by Borough of Poole. The system allows for permits to be virtual and paper season tickets will not be issued for displaying in vehicles, as the permit information will be uploaded to the Civil Enforcement Officers handheld computers in real time.

The new online system will provide permit holders with increased benefits, such as:

  • the ability to register three vehicles against their permit and nominate the current vehicle parked through their online account
  • the ability to change their vehicle online, subject to checks if applicable, removing the need for permits being posted back and forth
  • the ability for eligible residents to purchase 24 hour resident visitor permits online and nominate a vehicle to park, removing the need to display paper permits
  • purchasing daily visitor or commuter permits as and when they require them rather than buying in bulk. Although daily permits can be bought in advance in bulk and then used when needed
  • experiencing a quicker more efficient process as the permit can be purchased online and in most cases will be valid for use immediately, rather than a printed permit being posted to the customer (Resident Beach Season Tickets and Disabled Tax Exempt Permits will be subject to evidence checks on first use of the new system, before the permit is activated)

All permit holders who wish to use the permit system will need to register an account first. Once registered, customers can apply for any permits they are entitled to. If the permit applied for has any evidence criteria, then the necessary evidence would need to be uploaded to the system on the first occasion, irrespective of whether evidence has been provided in the past.

Once the permit has been issued it can be used immediately as the permits are virtual and paper season tickets will not be posted out.

The various season tickets and permits issued by the Borough of Poole are listed below. Click on the appropriate link to view more information on the schemes.

Online - Apply and Pay For a Parking Permit, including making a secure payment and uploading any relevant evidence if required.

Please note: Applications cannot be made in person.

Applications can still be made by post by using the application forms found on the relevant permit type pages. However, for postal applications only one vehicle can be applied to a permit as with the current arrangement, as these cannot be managed online.

List of Season Tickets/Permits

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