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Parking Permits - Eligibility List, Zone Names and Map

The Borough of Poole has a number of Resident zones that are individually identified by a letter.

Permits are available to certain properties within each zone. For further information on this please see the eligibility list.

Maps are also available for certain zones showing where the specific parking bays are. Please click the appropriate map on the map for the zone you are within.

List of Residents Zones where maps are available from the links below:

Old Town                               Zone A

Sterte Road                           Zone B

Civic Centre                           Zone G

Civic Centre                           Zone H

County Gates                        Zone K

Heckford Park                       Zone M

Ashley Road                         Zone N 

Baiter Park                            Zone P

Will/Cardigan Road               Zone Q

Wallisdown                            Zone R

Florence Road                      Zone S

Devon/Hunt Road                 Zone AA


The following Residents Zones currently do not have maps available:

North Lodge Road                          Zone E        

Tudor Road (South)                       Zone F

Kingland /Park Lake Road              Zone I

Cinnamon Lane                              Zone T

Seldown Lane/Road                       Zone U

Seldown Home Zone                      HomeZone

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