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Adopt A Path

If you enjoy walking regularly you can help us to maintain the diverse network of footpaths and bridleways by adopting part of the 60 miles of Rights of Way in Poole.

By adopting a footpath or bridleway you (or a group) volunteer to walk a local path, or paths, a minimum of three times a year.

Just using footpaths regularly helps keep them clear of overgrowth and undergrowth, but occasionally on your walk some clearance of nettles and brambles may be needed. You are entitled to cut back overhanging vegetation and many ramblers take a pair of secateurs with them on a walk. Of course take care and do not tackle large overgrowth.

Please let us know via our online reporting facility if you encounter any obstructions on your walk such as:

  • large overgrowth
  • barbed wire
  • crops
  • faulty gates or stiles
  • the lack of waymarking signs (where the route is hard to follow)

Also inform us if you have any problems with actions by landowners whilst you are out.

The scheme can also be used by local groups, schools or youth organisations to get out into the countryside and relates to citizenship, geography and many other curriculum subjects.

If you are interested in adopting a path complete an application form.



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