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Blandford Road resurfacing scheme

In August 2017 the Department for Transport awarded the Borough of Poole approximately £2.9M Challenge Fund for highways structural maintenance schemes to be carried out to some of our major roads. A key requirement was for this money to be spent by the end of March 2018.

The B3068 Blandford Road was identified along with a number of locations where a structural maintenance scheme was required. The value of this scheme is roughly equivalent to that normally available for the entire annual of budget of the Highways Structural Maintenance Programme and we have the opportunity to carry out far more work that we otherwise would be able to do.

Description of the work

The scheme will involve resurfacing the full length of the B3068 Blanford Road from the borough boundary near Sandy Lane to the mini-roundabout at Bridge Approach. The work will be done in two phases carried out either side of Christmas.

Phase One - Inglesham Way to Rigler Road junction (now complete).

Phase Two -Borough boundary to Inglesham Way  and Rigler Road to Port (now complete).

Phase Three -Rigler Road to Bridge Approach

Rigler Road to Port scheduled to be resurfaced on Sundays 11th March and 8th April using a full road closure from 7.30am to 6pm. There will be No Through Access between Rigler Road signal junction and the mini roundabout at Bridge Approach and New Quay Road. Works previously scheduled for 4th March have been post-poned due to mechanical failure.

Both bridges will be open as usual and access to the Port is unaffected via Poole Bridge.

Access to the side roads Ivor Road, Station Road, Norton Way and Stabler Way will be interupted as resurfacing works progress past the junctions, specifically:

Sunday 11th March Ivor Road, delays expected please ask for assistance from our site operatives. Vehicles coming out of Stabler Way, Norton Way and Station Road will only be able to head south towards Poole Bridge.

Sunday 8th April Stabler Way, Norton Way and Station Road, delays expected please ask for assistance from our site operatives. Vehicles coming out of Ivor Road will only be able to  head north towards Rigler Road signal junction.

Please note that our site operatives will assist when it is safe and appropriate. There will be times when plant is moving past the junction or when fresh material is setting when vehicular access will be temporarily suspended. Such periods are expected to be brief and your patience is appreciated.

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