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Carriageway Defects

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Report any other problem: manhole covers, uneven surface, broken slabs

If you notice a problem that you consider to be an emergency out of normal council hours please use this link for contact details.

As the Highway Authority in Poole the Council has responsibility for the maintenance of the highway which includes the road (carriageway), the pavement (footway), verges and Public Rights of Way.


A pothole is where the surface of the highway has been eroded and a hollow has formed. The Council, as Highway Authority, has responsibility for the maintenance of the highway and will undertake a suitably timed repair.

The severity of the pothole and, therefore, the criteria for attention is determined by the risk it poses to highway users. The factors to be taken into account include size and depth of pothole; traffic type, speed and volume; road alignment and visibility and also the position in relation to road width.

Carriageway inspections

Inspectors carry out inspections every 1 to 12 months, dependent on the importance of the highway, and works orders are placed for any necessary repairs. These are within appropriate timescales dependent on severity of defect and likely risk to other users.

Problems can arise between inspections and we welcome reports from the public. Please try to give an accurate location for the pothole, e.g. the name of the street and adjacent house, if possible.

Reporting a carriageway defect

If you wish to report a defect on the carriageway please use the report it service.

It will help us if you can use the map on the report it form. If your prefer not to use the map please provide as much detail as possible such as:

  • Street name and adjacent property number
  • Type of defect and extent of damage
  • If vandalism or road traffic collision, car registration details, Police Incident No. and date witnessed
  • Your name and contact number

Please report a carriageway defect to us if you notice one.

If you do need to call us, please telephone 01202 265255.

In the case of an emergency out of office hours, please call 0800 506050.

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