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Poole harbour bridges lifting times

Poole Bridge Annual Maintenance September 2018

Poole Bridge will close for one week commencing Monday 24th September to enable pre-planned, essential maintenance to be carried out.

The bridge will be closed to all traffic, including cyclists and pedestrians, from 7am. During the closure the Twin Sails Bridge will be operating as normal and there will be no significant disruption to marine traffic.

During the closure the maintenance lifting schedule will be in operation. 

Details can be found here

In line with other closures of this type the Council will not be funding additional bus services during this seven day period. All services will operate via Twin Sails Bridge with stops on Rigler Road available to allow access to Routes 8&9. Lower Hamworthy and Harbour Reach will continue to be served direct by Route 152 which operates hourly in the off peak on Mondays - Saturdays.

The bridges are an important part of our road network and the planned maintenance keeps them operating efficiently and reliably in the long term.  . 

Bridge lifting sequence

After the first bridge lift, the second bridge will open as soon as possible.
The first bridge will open again, if required, for returning vessels.


  • Opens at half past the hour at weekends (05:30-23:30)

  • 05:30-14:30 Twin Sails opens first.  Poole Bridge opens approx. 15 mins later

  • 15:30-23:30 Poole Bridge opens first. Twin Sails Bridge opens approx. 15 mins later


 As per the weekend schedule (above) with the following exceptions:

  • No bridge lifts at: 08:30, 13:30, 17:30, 20:30

Poole Harbour Bridge Lifting Times

Unscheduled lifts

When hourly lifts are scheduled, the only unscheduled lifts will be under direction of the Harbour Master, or from commercial vessels longer than 40 metres.

Apply for an unscheduled bridge lift for a commercial vessel.

Mariners need to check the headroom displays at the bridge to judge if they can pass below without the bridge being lifted.