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Poole harbour bridges lifting times

Poole Bridge Lifting Times During Twin Sails Closure

Whilst Twin Sails Bridge is closed to traffic, the maintenance lifting schedule will be in operation for Poole Bridge.

Details can be found here  . 

Bridge lifting sequence

After the first bridge lift, the second bridge will open as soon as possible.
The first bridge will open again, if required, for returning vessels.


  • Opens at half past the hour at weekends (05:30-23:30)

  • 05:30-14:30 Twin Sails opens first.  Poole Bridge opens approx. 15 mins later

  • 15:30-23:30 Poole Bridge opens first. Twin Sails Bridge opens approx. 15 mins later


 As per the weekend schedule (above) with the following exceptions:

  • No bridge lifts at: 08:30, 13:30, 17:30, 20:30

Poole Harbour Bridge Lifting Times

Unscheduled lifts

When hourly lifts are scheduled, the only unscheduled lifts will be under direction of the Harbour Master, or from commercial vessels longer than 40 metres.

Apply for an unscheduled bridge lift for a commercial vessel.

Mariners need to check the headroom displays at the bridge to judge if they can pass below without the bridge being lifted.