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Reporting Pathway Problems

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If the path's line you use is unclear, obstructed or if you are challenged using it, please use our Report It form to let us know.

It will help us if you can provide us with as much information as possible including:

  • When it happened - The date and time you noticed the problem.
  • Where it happened -  A road name at the start or end of the path, any path number shown on signs, near a house (what's the house number?), linking path or landscape feature.
  • What happened - Provide as much detail as possible e.g. broken sign, pole still in place
  • Who we can contact - Please give a daytime contact if possible.  Do you know who owns or rents the land or where the problem is coming from? (e.g. dumping of garden refuse from a house) Do you have any details of names, for example a company digging up the path.
  • Photographic evidence - Do you have any you can email to us?

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