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Wimborne Road Resurfacing Scheme

In August 2017 the Department for Transport awarded the Borough of Poole approximately £2.9M Challenge Fund for highways structural maintenance schemes to be carried out to some of our major roads. A key requirement was for this money to be spent by the end of March 2018.

Wimborne Road was identified along with a number of locations where a structural maintenance scheme was required. The value of this scheme is roughly equivalent to that normally available for the entire annual of budget of the Highways Structural Maintenance Programme and we have the opportunity to carry out far more work that we otherwise would be able to do.

Description of the work

The scheme will involve resurfacing most of Wimborne Road from the Fleetsbridge roundabout to the George Roundabout, excluding a section between the signal junctions and Dorchester Road and the New Inn.  We will also be taking this opportunity to carry out some Highways Improvements including the addition of new pedestrian crossing and cycling facilities.The work will be done in three phases with the third phase  being carried out later in the year.

Phase One - B3063 Wimborne Road  (Kings Close to The George Roundabout)

Monday 12th  to Thursday 29th March 2018

SOUTHBOUND ROAD CLOSURE in place from New Inn signal junction to George roundabout. Effective as from 7am Monday 12th March until 5.30pm Thursday 22nd March or completion. No vehicular traffic will be permitted to travel south from the New Inn towards the town centre. Northbound traffic,  i.e. heading out of town centre, is unaffected. Restrictions will be in place 24rs a day 7 days a week until the work is completed.

ROAD CLOSURE - junction of Darbys Lane and Fernside Road with be closed for the duration of the work. This measure is necessary due to the New Inn signal junction being turned off whilst the southbound road closure in Wimborne Road is in place.

The following side road junctions with Wimborne Road will also be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the works:

  • Tatnam Road
  • Garland Road
  • Stokes Avenue
  • Haynes Avenue
  • Winterbourne Road
  • Sandbourne Road
  • Heckford Road

Marnhull Road junction with Jolliffe Road will be CLOSED temporarily effectively turning Marnhull Road into a cul-de-sac.

DIVERSION ROUTE FOR SOUTH BOUND HGVS - via Fleets Lane, Willis Way, A349 Broadstone Way and A350 Holes Bay Road Please note bridge at Sterte unsuitable for heavy vehicles.

DIVERSION ROUTE FOR SOUTH BOUND LIGHT VEHICLES - via A35 Fernside Road and B3068 Longfleet Road.

Work will start adjacent to Kings Close and will progress steadily southwards and at the same time Council operatives will begin installing new pedestrian crossing facilities between the junctions of Tatnam Road and Stadium Way. 

Planned operating hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4pm although this may vary slightly from day to day according to circumstances on site.

Pedestrian access only will be maintained throughout the duration of the works.

Wimborne Road Phase One resurfacing plan

Details of the additional pedestrian crossing facilities are here:

Heckford Road

Shaftesbury Road

Stadium Way

Phase Two - A35 Wimborne Road (Daisy Close to Fleetsbridge roundabout)

Monday 26th  to Thursday 29th March 2018

NIGHT TIME ROAD CLOSURE Wimborne Road offslip from Fleetsbridge roundabout to Bailey Crescent (southbound lane only), effective from 7.30pm Wednesday 28th until 6am Thursday 29th March.

Please note that times and dates were accurate at time of writing but are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control, i.e.bad weather, mechanical breakdown etc.

Work will start at the Fleetsbridge roundabout and will progress south, i.e.towards Dorchester Road/ Vicarage Road signal junction stopping at Daisy Close using Stop & Go temporary traffic management. Planned operating hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4pm.

Side roads will remain open throughout although delays are to be expected when resurfacing works are working immediately adjacent.

Wimborne Road Phase Two resurfacing plan

Phase Three - A35 Wimborne Road (Daisy Close to Kings Close)

Dates to be confirmed, deferred into year 2018/19.

Work will involve resurfacing the carriageway and possible changes to layout .More details about this work will be announced nearer the time when designs are complete. Please note that this work is not part of the Challenge Fund.