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The Gum Problem - Think Before You Spit

Chewing gum is an ever-growing problem in the local environment. Public areas in Britain are plagued with millions of pieces of chewing gum which do not decompose, are unsightly and are a potential risk to pets and wild animals.

Our streets and public areas are speckled with discarded chewing gum from individuals who have failed to use the bins provided by the Council.

Dropping gum onto pavements and in public places is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act, Section 87 with the offence carrying a maximum penalty of up to £2,500, or you may receive a fixed penalty notice.

Think before you spit and use one of the bins provided or wrap it up and take it home!

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How are we tackling this problem? 

Chewing gum is the most difficult type of litter to deal with.  Its stickiness means normal cleaning methods like street sweeping and litter picking don't work.

The Borough of Poole, working in partnership with The Chewing Gum Action Group, is aiming to change the attitudes of people who drop gum and to promote and encourage its correct disposal.

A campaign was launched in Poole High Street on 11 August 2008 when a mascot, representing a life-sized chewing gum character, made its first appearance.

Chewing gum disposal wrappers were distributed to members of public – reinforcing the message that a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 could be issued for people who discard chewing gum on the street.

We continue to hold education days, raising awareness that chewing gum is litter.

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Our gum removal service

We have a gum removal service, which removes the mess that chewing/bubble gum leaves on our streets. Highly used pedestrian areas are a priority for our team including Poole Town Centre and Ashley Road.

If you know of an area in Poole that is badly affected by gum, please use our report it facility.

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