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Litter/Dog Waste Bins

Improving Our Litter and Dog Waste Bins

We appreciate that maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of the place we have is one of our residents’ top 5 priorities.

We are set to replace many of our old and damaged small dog-waste-only bins across our streets and open spaces with larger bins providing more capacity. 

The new bins will take 3-4 times more waste and you can put general litter in them as well as dog waste. The wheeled bins which are post mounted are a more sustainable solution to the current design and can be cost effectively replaced when they become tired looking.

Many of our other bins are being repaired and tided up with a fresh coat of paint. 

Using our Litter and Dog Waste Bins

Black bins; you can use all our black litter bins for both litter and bagged dog waste.

Orange bins; you can use our orange pole mounted bins for both litter and bagged dog waste. 

Red/Green bins; our red or green dog waste bins are for bagged dog waste only.

Blue bins; are for recycling materials only. These bins support our ‘Recycling on the Go’ scheme and can be used for any glass bottles or jars and lids, paper and cardboard, cans and tins, aluminium foil, food and drink cartons and plastic food or drinks containers.

Litter bins are not to be used for commercial waste or for domestic waste that should go in your household bin.

Servicing our Litter and Dog Waste Bins

We have over 1,200 litter and dog waste bins in our streets and parks and open spaces. These bins are regularly emptied and cleaned as necessary.

During difficult or unforeseeable circumstances including significantly bad weather or exceptionally busy holidays or weekends of good weather then it may not be possible to ensure all bins are emptied before they get full. If you find a full bin please do not leave your waste help us by taking your waste home with you and dispose of it responsibly.

What we can do

  • Regularly empty over 1,200 litter and dog waste bins and recycling bins.
  • Work with local businesses to ensure they provide adequate provision of bins adjacent to their premises for waste that originates from their business.
  • What we don’t do.
  • Provide litter or dog waste bins on private property.
  • Provide litter bins to be used for business (trade) waste.
  • Litter pick from private property.

How you can help

  • Please do the right thing and put your waste in a bin or take it home
  • Please bag all dog waste before putting it in a litter bin.
  • Please do not contaminate any of our blue recycling litter bins with non-recyclable waste.
  • Please ensure that cigarette ends are effectively stubbed out before disposing in a litter bin.
  • Please do not dispose of Barbeques containing inflammable materials, ‘woods’ or ‘coals’ in our litter bins. Disposable BBQs are notoriously difficult to ensure there is no risk they might reignite. BBQ fires in litter bins will destroy the bin and in some cases have come close to causing serious damage to refuse vehicles. Please dispose of BBQs at our special BBQ disposal areas on the beaches or drench thoroughly with water to remove all inflammable woods and coals before putting the foil dish in a bin. 
  • If you have litter or recycling and the nearest bin happens to be full, please do not stack it on top or by the bin where it might get blown around our blue flag beaches, green flag parks or streets – please take it to the nearest bin with space or take it home with you.
  • To avoid creating the opportunity for birds and animals to remove waste from a bin please ensure your waste is well pushed through the opening or lid into the bin.
  • Report if you see any business using public litter bins for their trade waste.
  • Report if you see a damaged or vandalised litter or dog waste bin.

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