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Changes to West Street and West Quay Road

Location Plan for Changes to West Street / West Quay Road
Location Plan for Changes to West Street / West Quay Road

What's happening?

  • the council is considering some short-term changes to improve provision for pedestrian and cyclists in the area.
  • the results of the consultation and recommendations for implementing the preferred scheme are listed to the right of this page and will be discussed by Transportation Advisory Group on Thurs 19th September 2013.
  • two proposed options were offered and are listed to the right of this page. It is envisaged that for the chosen scheme, works will start in 2014.
  • we asked people which scheme they preferred in a consultation exercise from 29 July - 6 September 2013. 
  • we held a number of drop-in events so people could come and see the proposals...
    • Edith Lyle Hall (Poole Sea Scouts) on West Quay Rd, BH12 2BC on Tues 6 Aug 1.00-7.00pm *
    • Edith Lyle Hall (Poole Sea Scouts) on West Quay Rd, BH12 2BC. Tues 13 Aug 2.00-6.00pm
    • Hamworthy Library, Blandford Road, Wed 28 Aug 9.30am-1.30pm
    * Please note this is an extended session to allow businesses to attend after core hours.
Queen Mary Junction, West Street Road, Poole.
Jolliffe House, West Street, Poole
West Quay Road, Poole

Why are the changes needed?

  • the advice from an independent expert, set up last year to look at the new road layout associated with the two-bridge operation, was that the current road system does not adequately provide for pedestrians and cyclists in line with the council's policies
  • in response, the proposed changes along with some public engagement with key stakeholders, Option 1 and 2 on the right have been designed to improve the provision for pedestrians and cyclists while increasing safety.
  • Additionally a wider review of how the road system works within the overall Town Centre Regeneration Area (the Supplementary Planning Document refresh) will take place later this year
  • you will be able to view and comment on this document before it is updated as part of a consultation process (detailed on the Planning pages of this website)

About the proposed schemes...

  • approximately 20,000 vehicles cross Poole's two lifting bridges each day, with more visitors during the summer months. Cycling and walking within the regeneration area is already popular and it envisaged will increase considerably as further development takes place
  • both schemes (Option 1 and 2) are designed to provide immediate  improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. They include:
    • new on-street cycle lanes to increase cycle safety
    • new zebra crossings and signal controlled crossings to improve pedestrian safety
    • changes to the road layout to reduce traffic speed
  • the main difference between the two schemes is the number of traffic lanes provided on West Street for travel towards the bridges
    • Option 1 - Single lane through the Queen Mary junction. More benefits to pedestrian and cyclists. Long predicted vehicle queuing at peak times (compared to existing)
    • Option 2 - Two lanes through the Queen Mary junction. More benefits to pedestrians but fewer benefits to cyclists. Increased predicted vehicle queuing at peak times (compared to existing)
    • Technical information such as queue surveys, speed surveys and accident data is also provided to the right of this page