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Gravel Hill - Preparations and Public Engagement

Preparations - the local environment

Special designations: The area around Gravel Hill is environmentally sensitive and as such has special environmental designations including SSSI and SNCI. A number of trees on Gravel Hill also have protection orders.

Trees: We have had an independent tree survey of the area to identify the number of trees that could be affected by our works. With the Borough’s Tree Planning Officer, ensured only the minimum number of trees are affected.

Wildlife: At the same time we needed to be mindful that works to trees could only be carried out at certain times of the year according to the needs of local wildlife such as bats and birds. Wildlife and habitat surveys were undertaken to assess the levels of mitigation that were required, and we have been consulted with bodies such as Natural England and the Dorset Wildlife Trust throughout the design process.

Drainage: An added environmental benefit of these works will be in addressing highway drainage. As well as carrying out refurbishment works to the culvert which carries Blackwater Stream under the road, we plan to control 'surface run-off' to decrease the amount of water draining straight onto private land. This will also help reduce the risk of pollution (should there be a spill on the road) and stop the embankment from being eroded by water. We will then treat the water using sustainable techniques, which we hope will actually enhance existing wetland environment, making it even more valuable for wildlife.

Public Engagement

In October/November 2015 we asked for feedback on our proposals and asked people to tell us if there are any useful temporary arrangements we could consider providing to help minimise the disruption.
We understand that, in the short term, the works will cause inconvenience to people, businesses and organisations in the area but doing nothing would cause more significant disruption in the long term.

The results of the feedback, in the document to the right, were presented to the Transportation Advisory Committee in January 2016.

People could give feedback by:

  • completing an online feedback form

  • attending a public drop-in session at Broadstone Library
  • writing to the Head of Transportation Services.