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Poole Central Area Improvements

Marston Road / Bay Hogg Road Scheme

Following concerns raised with the new road system associated with the two bridge operation early in 2012, Economy Overview & Scrutiny on 5 July 2012 confirmed that a Working Group together with an Independent Expert be established to look into the issues.

This outcome of the investigation was a series of nine recommendations which were ultimately approved by Economy Overview & Scrutiny (ECOS) on 21 November 2012. The report recognised that while the road system had indeed reduced traffic congestion, nevertheless it did not adequately serve the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, it was felt that the public had real safety concerns about the traffic system, and that short term measures or improvements should be undertaken to address these issues. Officers were asked to compile an action plan which would result in prompt action to address any safety concerns, including allocating the necessary resources for such work.

The following budgets were allocated for this work within the 2013/14 LTP Capital Programme:






1.  LTP funded Transportation Capital Programme.




LTP funding levels yet to be determined


2.  Funding from Corporate Reserve

(precise use of this budget yet to be determined).








 In order to ensure that the appropriate schemes which properly reflected the community concerns were identified, a Public Engagement Workshop by invitation was held on 13 February 2013 at the Civic Centre where members and stakeholders were given the opportunity to state their views. The output from this workshop has been used to create an action plan for the particular areas to be addressed.

A delivery process has been developed based on the principles set out in the DfT Traffic Advisory leaflet 5/11 ‘Quality Audit’ published in November 2011. As this is one of the first schemes to be delivered in this way, partnering consultants Mouchel have been appointed to provide the appropriate external elements of the QA process.

A Member Delivery Board has been established which will provide a steer throughout the whole process. This will shortly be considering the scheme objectives and preferred options for schemes developed to address the concerns identified at the stakeholder meeting, with a view that these will then go forward for public consultation. Subject to approvals, it is envisaged that any works will be undertaken from the second half of 2013/14 onwards. 

The schemes being considered relate to short term measures designed to address the safety concerns of the current road layout including traffic speed, pedestrian and cycling facilities.  

The longer term future of the road network and improvement in place will be determined through the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) Regeneration Masterplan, which is currently being led by Planning and Regeneration Services in close liaison with Transportation Services. It is important to ensure as far as possible that the short term measures do not prove to be abortive once the wider gyratory is reviewed.