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Section 52 Education Budget Statement 2006 - 2007


Local Education Authorities (LEAs) are required under section 52 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 to prepare a budget statement before the beginning of each financial year.

The statement for the forthcoming year is intended to provide a clear picture of the authority's planned spending:

  • how much of the whole education budget the LEA intends to spend on items outside the Schools Budget
  • how much the LEA is proposing to retain centrally within the School Budget for school services
  • how the local formula is working to produce budget shares for each school in Poole.

The Budget Statement is presented in seven parts, the content and format of which is prescribed in the Education (Budget Statements) (England) regulations 2004 from the DfES. These statements are available for download on the right hand side of this page.



The Schools Budget Summary Table - Provides an account of the main sources of funding available to LA's for their schools and additional funding provided by the LA.


 Table 1

LEA level Information - an overall picture of the LA's planned spending on educational provision (both school and non-school) in its area. Information provided in this Table enables a comparison to be made between the funding being allocated direct to schools and the amount being spent other than on schools, retained centrally or devolved by the LA.

Annex CEL is designed to demonstrate that the LA is complying with the limit on central spend within the Schools budget.

Annex YS is a breakdown of the LA's planned expenditure on its Youth Service.


 Table 2

School level information - summarises the main formula funding elements and lists the budget share and the per pupil or place share in each school.


 Table 3a

School level Information - shows how the LA's formula (described in Table 4) has been applied to each mainstream school to calculate its budget share, including all the relevant factors and lump sums, and the numbers of pupils in each school year used to allocate pupil-led funding.


 Table 3b

Special Schools - Information for special schools is shown separately in this table.


 Table 4

The LEA allocation formula - shows details of the how the LA's formula (allocated in table 3) has been applied to calculate each schools budget share.