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Section 52 Education Outturn Statement 07 - 08

Local Authorities (LAs) are required under section 52 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 to prepare a budget statement before the beginning of each financial year (31 March). After the end of each financial year an outturn statement is required.

The outturn statement is intended to:

  • provide schools, parents and others with an interest in education with details about schools and LA funding and expenditure;
  • provide data for the Departmental Annual Report (DAR);
  • inform policy making;
  • inform the Treasury for monitoring purposes;
  • inform Parliament in its role of monitoring the Department's accountability for public funds.
  • MPs ask about school and authority expenditure via the mechanisms of Parliamentary Questions or through the Education Select Committee.

All statements are prepared to a common format and the outturn statement must be presented in four parts for the prescribed period in the order specified: These statements are available for download on the right hand side of this page.

Summary Table - The summary provides a reconciliation between the 2007-08 section 52 Budget and the section 52 Outturn statements.

Table A

This is an overall picture of the spending on education provision by the Authority.

  • the first part of this Table is the 'Spending by Schools' section and is a summary of all school individual accounts.
  • the second part shows the 'Spending by LA within the Schools Budget' excluding delegated or devolved funding.
  • the third part is the section for LA central functions. It is split to show Central Administration and Support and Access sub-totals.
  • the fourth part is the Youth and Community element of the table.

The Youth Service annex relates to expenditure on the LA's Youth Service. The annex provides a further break down of expenditure shown in Table A

Table B 

Table B is School level information. It provides a summary of individual schools' expenditure in respect of the 2007-08 financial year.




The Guidance Notes explain the information contained in the Tables.