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Your Borough Of Poole

ICT and Customer Support

Excellent communication and customer service is vital to the success of any organisation. We work hard to make it easier for residents to do business with us either by telephone, online or face to face.

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is fundamental to our ability to conduct business. We provide a range of services focused on designing, developing and supporting ICT systems and supporting staff to ensure they can provide effective services to residents, partners and businesses.

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Customer services

What we do

The Customer Services Team (part of ICT and Customer Support) work to improve your experience of contacting and dealing with us. We handle calls, emails and web forms for council services such as Council Tax payments, library book renewals and bin collections.

We also manage the Civic Centre reception, so you will meet us when you visit.

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Real people – based in Poole

Our Customer Service Advisers use case management, information systems and www.poole.gov.uk to deal with customer enquiries, they can take payments for services, make bookings and arrange specialist services with other units or external contractors. Our aim is to get you the answer or service you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you call us a real person will always answer, based here in Poole. If we’re really busy and cannot answer your call quickly, you'll have the option to leave a message for us to call you back.

Occasionally, we may play a key message before we answer your call (for example to advise that we are already aware of a road being flooded) to help save time for customers.

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Wider service availability

Most services are available from 9am to 5pm (from Monday to Thursday) and 4:30pm on Friday. This includes such things as bin enquiries, street lighting and public toilets.

You can also renew library books through to 6pm Monday to Friday and 5pm on Saturday, even if your local library is closed. You can also renew your library books online anytime.

We have also worked hard to improve the content and range of facilities available on this website. You can find a huge range of information here and also apply for, pay for and report issues about hundreds of our services, whenever it suits you.

This is the fastest and most efficient way of getting requests to us, and helps to reduce costs too.

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Your feedback

Customer feedback is very important to us and we regularly survey customers who contact us or who use our website to inform our improvement work. You can also provide feedback to us through our online feedback forms.

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What we do

Like any modern organisation, we conduct most of our business electronically. We securely manage and process information to deliver our services to you. We ensure the systems used by our officers are reliable, secure and well maintained.

The key principles of the ICT strategy are:

  • maximising return on investment
  • effective use and re-use of our valuable resources.

Our approach continues to focus our attention on removing risk, simplifying technical infrastructure and improving delivery of our services. We have a practical and pragmatic approach to updating, replacing or implementing ICT systems and change that enable improvements for the council.

We also provide a range ICT infrastructure and support services to schools, partners and other local authorities.

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Head of service

Katie Lacey

Supporting managers

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