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How do we monitor what we are doing?

How do we monitor what we are doing?

There are several ways that we monitor whether we are improving the outcomes for people with specific needs in Poole.
  • Cabinet reports – receive performance reports against our Corporate Strategy objectives at least twice a year and agree decisions related to many other equality related issues.

    Other Council committees also monitor and discuss progress with other equality related matters. Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which covers topics such as housing, community development and cohesion, domestic violence, and Health and Social Care Committee, covering items including services for older and disabled people and safeguarding vulnerable people, have a particular focus on equality issues.  The Efficiency and Effectiveness covers Human Resources issues. 

  • Equality Leadership Group – receives and reviews quarterly updates with progress against equality issues. They steer the work of the Corporate Equality Group.
  • Corporate Equality Network – is made up of the Member Equality Champion, services unit representatives, Trade Unions and employee groups.  The Group supports the implementation of the equality agenda across the organisation and discusses progress within service units.

  • Feedbackresearch; satisfaction surveys; compliments, comments and complaints; and community engagement all help us monitor how well we meet different people’s needs. An example is Poole’s Place Survey which asks about what it is like living in Poole, experiences of public services and other issues such as community safety.

    External (assessment) reports and awards – like the Adult Social Care's Local Account and Ofsted (for schools, early years and child care providers, children and families services, and adult learning and skills) provide independent assessments of how we are meeting the needs of diverse groups of people. 

  • Contract monitoring - All suppliers are required to ensure that the quality and performance detailed in the contract documents are maintained or improved throughout the contract period.  This includes the relevant equality and diversity needs and where these requirements are not met this is recorded and addressed at contract review meetings unless the incident is serious enough to require immediate action.  If poor performance is not addressed satisfactorily, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

  • Employee consultation – is undertaken through regular consultation with Trade Unions at the quarterly Joint Initiative Consultative Committee, through ocassional surveys on particular issues, and more widely in our People Matters Survey that we undertake every two years. We analyse the latter by protected characteristic, where results are statistically significant.

    We also consult with the Voice – disabled employee group; and its Black and Minority Ethnic and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual employees, where possible, to inform Human Resources policies.