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Prejudice Incidents and Hate Crime

What is a Prejudice Incident?

Perhaps you've heard racist abuse or seen graffiti directed against people of a particular faith or nationality.

Prejudice incidents are any incidents that you believe unfairly discriminates against someone because of their age, belief, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.  If you are a witness to an incident you can make a report. 

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What is a Hate Crime?

A 'hate crime' is any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or anyone else to be motivated by prejudice or hostility based on a person's (actual or perceived) disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or because they are transgender. 

They may take the many forms, including verbal abuse, graffiti, harassment, bullying, to damage to property or physical attack or threat of attack.

We will encourage and support you to tell the Police about hate crimes.

If you are unsure what you have experienced still tell us and we can help you get support.

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Reporting incidents

  • in an emergency phone 999 or deaf people can text 80999.
  • if you're not in danger, report it to the Dorset Police on 101, deaf people can text 07766425243  or via Dorset Police's website
  • report incidents anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
  • alternatively, you can report incidents online to us or phone 01202 633 438. If it's a Hate Crime we will encourage and support you to tell the Police

An Easy Read crime reporting form for people with learning disabilities is also available from Poole Forum or ourselves. Action Against Cruelty is a national Easy Read website that tells people with learning disabilities about hate crime, abuse and cruelty.

Dorset Police Hate Crime App

You can download Dorset Police's hate crime app from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for an Android smartphone. The app is free and provides a range of information about hate crimes, where to go for support as well as a function to report hate crimes and incidents. Please download the app to have this information at your finger tips and do tell others about it.

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