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Children's Centres Consultation (18 November - 20 December 2013)

Consultation on a proposal to make changes to the organisation of Poole's Children's Centres with effect from April 2014.

The Borough of Poole has reviewed how it organises and manages the network of Children's Centre services. We have done this to make sure services are run as cost effectively as possible.

The results that the Council wants to achieve from the review are:

  • Continuing to provide the direct services that support local parents and children, now and in the future.

  • Service improvement where this is possible
  • Cost effective delivery of services
  • Reduced bureaucracy in the organisation and management of the network of Children's Centres

The review of Children's Centres has resulted in a proposal to change the designation of Creekmoor and Parkstone Children's Centres from fully designated centres to outreach bases with effect from April 2014. This would reduce the number of fully designated Children's Centres from 8 to 6 and merge the administrative organisation of some of the centres. The proposal will not reduce any of the services that are currently offered to parents and children. More information on the proposal is available in the consultation document.

The Borough of Poole consulted parents, Children's Centre Advisory Boards, and staff of the Children's Centres concerned, as well as other people who could be affected by the proposals.

The Consultation

A consultation document was available from 18 November to 20 December 2013. Responses to the consultation could be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • Online - using a feedback form.                                                                      
  • By post - by completing the response form at the back of the consultation document.                                               
  • In Person - by completing the response form at the back of the consultation document and returning it to either the Creekmoor, Ted Webster or Canford Heath Children's Centres.

The Decision

At the end of the consultation period all responses will be summarised in a report to the Council. All views expressed will be taken into account, but please note that response forms are not a ballot.

The Council will publicise the decision it makes on the proposals. A poster will be displayed in each of the Children's Centres and outreach bases that are affected by the proposals. If the Council decides to go ahead with the proposals, it is anticipated that the changes will take place from April 2014.

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