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Have Your Say regarding Housing Related Support Services

The Public Consultation held in respect of the proposed changes to Housing Related Support Services was concluded in Friday 8th July 2016. Overall, respondents were complementary about the proposed changes and felt that they would meet the needs of the client group. The consultation report is available on the download section on this page. An Equalities Impact Assessment is also published on our equality and diversity page.

All feedback from respondents has been carefully considered and has fed into the design of the new services, for which Housing and Community Services, in conjunction with Commissioning and Improvement - People's Services and Children's Services are now in the process of tendering for.

The tender period began on 22nd August and concluded on 7th October.

All bids for services will be evaluated between October and the end of December 2016 with a decision reached by February 2017. It is anticipated that the new services will begin on 1st August 2017.

A further update will be made available as decisions are made.

What are Housing Related Support Services?

Housing Related Support Services enable vulnerable people and those with complex needs to live independently, or to sustain their accommodation.

These services can be provided as part of an accommodation package "accommodation based" or made available to people living in their own homes, or in rented accommodation "non-accommodation based".

Many of these services are not delivered directly by the Council, but are funded by us and delivered by other organisations.

The Council may often have to provide these services to meet our statutory requirements in respect of individuals who are homeless or threatened with homelessness under the Housing Act 1996 Part VII (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002).

In order to be eligible for services, people must be assessed as having high level and / or complex needs which require support and intervention to live independently. In the majority of cases people would also need to have a Local Connection to the Borough of Poole.