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Your Borough Of Poole

Shaping Poole Survey 2011

(1 September - 18 October 2011)

The Shaping Poole Survey asked for opinions about what it's like living in Poole, experiences of local public services and issues such as community safety. It updates the 2008 Place Survey to provide valuable, robust evidence to the Council and its partners (including the police, health, business and community representatives) about what is important to Poole people and where improvements are needed to shape service planning and policies.

The survey was posted to 5,500 households selected at random. 2,265 responses were received (a response rate of 41%). Overall the headline results of the survey paint a very positive picture of Poole, with:

Improved perceptions of all local public services

  • Increased satisfaction with the Council, individual council services and improved perceptions of value for money

  • Increased public confidence with community safety issues

  • Improved community cohesion, but room for improvement

  • Slight decrease in residents with good health

A summary presentation of the results is also available providing more detail.

Further analysis has been undertaken to help guide service planning, including analysis by age, gender, disability and ethnicity as well as areas of Poole. The following reports/presentations are available: