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Herbert Spencer Carter


1912, 1924, 1925, 1926 and 1931

Herbert Spencer Carter - Freeman, five times Mayor and an alderman.

Herbert Carter, who became a Freeman of the Borough of Poole and whose name is perpetuated in a Poole secondary school, became Mayor for the first time in 1912, when he was just 32. His means were slender and in those days the Mayor had no allowance - even the mayoral transport had to be provided out of the mayoral pocket. His father came to his rescue, though, with a cheque for £200.

The mayoral transport was no dignified Daimler - but a motorbike and sidecar, and the Mayoress was hard put to protect her evening clothes from rough weather.

In 1928 Poole Council conferred its freedom - its highest honour - on Herbert Carter - the first conferment for 25 years - at the Regent Cinema.

H.S. Carter wrote of his day of days, "I tried to solve the riddle of why so ordinary and unaccomplished a person as myself should possess this most lovely casket and beautiful executed scroll". (Now in the Borough's collection of regalia and plate by kind gift of his family).

A former Poole Archivist and Borough Librarian, the late Bernard Short, perhaps answered this, when he wrote, "His unfailing courtesy and his ever ready attention to the needs of others has won him the great respect of all his fellow townsfolk, and no one holds a higher place in their esteem and affection".

Herbert CARTER, after whom a Poole School is named, worked hard for education, libraries and improvement of social conditions in the town. He was an alderman, was five times Mayor and also found time to represent Poole on the county council for a period. His writings, some in Poole dialect, form an important insight into Poole's civic and social affairs in the first part of the twentieth century.

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