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Horatio Hamilton



Horatio HAMILTON (?-1886) - "Murder most foul at the Guildhall"

Alderman Horatio Hamilton, a long serving councillor and former Mayor, was shot at point blank range outside the Guildhall at noon on May 21st 1886. Hamilton was a sub-commissioner of pilotage for the port, and was leaving a council meeting at the Guildhall when he was accosted by John King, who had recently been appointed as a pilot. He shot him in the head and the body, continuing to fire as he fell."

King bought the gun at Cllr Henry Farmer's ironmongers shop in the High Street. He didn't need a licence or a firearms certificate and paid 7 shillings. Henry was Mayor in 1888 and 1892 (picture in "Victorian Poole" by John Hillier page 182.

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