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Your Borough Of Poole


Poole is twinned with Cherbourg - a beautiful town located just over the English Channel from us on the North West coastline of France.

Please click on the following link for further details about the Poole-Cherbourg Twinning Association  

History of the Poole - Cherbourg Twinning Association

In 1977 Poole twinned with Cherbourg - the Charter from this occasion is displayed in the Civic Centre.

1998 was the 21st Anniversary of the Poole - Cherbourg Twinning and celebrations were held in each town. A Reaffirmation Document was witness and presented to both towns which "reaffirmed the commitment to preserving and developing the friendship so created for the benefit of all the people of their towns."

In 1995 Poole won the 'Best Borough Award' in the Annual Royal Mail Twin Towns Competition.

Cultural links with groups, clubs and schools

The Association, in the main, deals with like minded groups who wish to make visits or contacts with similar groups in Cherbourg.

Various sporting and cultural links have been established for example,

  • Yacht Clubs,
  • Art and Photographic Societies,
  • the Library,
  • Sports Clubs,
  • the Police,
  • Poole Hospital
  • Fire Service.

Currently there are links with

  • Petanque Clubs,
  • a Dance School,
  • Canoe Clubs
  • several schools have exchange visits.

In 2004 and again in 2005, ten days have been set aside by Brittany Ferries to enable Poole Middle School children to make day visits to Cherbourg. Leaving on the Fast Cat at 7.30am and returning at 10.15pm the groups have a day in which to meet their exchange school, experience the Town Trail and try out their early French - shopping and ordering food!

Twinning Bursary

A twinning bursary is available for the 16 - 25 year age group to enable them to study or work in Cherbourg for a period of up to 10 day. In the past the Association has supported young adults with learning difficulties, a disabled student who needed special accommodation as well as police, nurses and music students. Bursary applicants must live, study or work in Poole to access this funding.

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